Congratulations on GIS day

Geographic Information System (GIS) Day is celebrated since 1999. The purpose of this event is to help children and grown-ups to understand the importance of geography and GIS in our life. 

As a tradition, this event was also celebrated in Institute of Aerial Geodesy (AGI). This year AGI held the drawing contest of Kaunas Rytas Primary School 1st (a) class pupilsAGI staff had a chance to have a look at the drawings and to elect the most beautiful and interesting ones.

Vilma Žmuidienė, Head of Geoinformatics Department in AGI, held the event in Kaunas Rytas Primary School on the 20th of November. Schoolchildren were introduced with geography, maps and GIS. Authors of drawings were awarded by ESRI (USA), HNIT-Baltic (Lithuania) and AGI presented gifts.




hlandata parama

Co-funded by the Community Programme eContentplus ECP-2007-GEO-317007


Nature-SDIplus is a Best Practice Network. It is aimed at harmonising EU national datasets on nature conservation.

The Nature-SDIplus Network started in October 2008 and finished in July 2011. It aims, through state-of-the-art methodologies and good practice examples, to enable and improve the harmonisation of national datasets for nature conservation, making them accessible and exploitable. Thus, it supports the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive in this field.

  • Protected sites (Annex I)
  • Biogeographical regions (Annex III)
  • Habitats and biotopes (Annex III)
  • Species distribution (Annex III)

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18 European countries took part in the project.

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hlandata parama

Project co-financed by the EU


A European Project on Land Use and Land Cover Databases harmonization  

The HLANDATA project aims to demonstrate the feasible European level harmonization of the Land Use and Land Cover datasets taking into account both the data categorization and the data models, for any of their possible uses and users, through the development of user-oriented value-added services.

Land Cover is referred to the physical, chemical, ecological or biological categorization of the earth surface. The Land Use is referred to the categorization of the territory based on its current and future planned socio-economic purpose. Land Use and Land Cover are amongst the most important geographic information themes today. 


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smespire parama

This project is funded by the European Union under the grant n.296307


The main aim of the project is to support geo-ICT European SMEs to capitalize on the benefits of the INSPIRE Directive, which "establishes an infrastructure for spatial information in Europe to support Community environmental policies, and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment".

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Further project details and updates are available at

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